About Dr. Ness

Dr. Earl Ness grew up in Chicago, Illinois and in southern California. He is a Vietnam era veteran who served in Korea as a helicopter crew chief and company training Non Commissioned Officer (NCO). Dr. Ness earned his DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) from Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois in 1978. He practiced general dentistry in Santa Barbara for nine years before returning to the university for advanced education. Dr. Ness earned his Masters of Science in Dentistry and a Certificate in Prosthodontics from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. Dr. Ness has twin sons in their early twenties—Matt majoring in business and accounting and John an English major who is pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Dr. Ness is an experienced prosthodontist who specializes in oral rehabilitation. Many of Dr. Ness' patients have extreme dental needs. These patients may be congenitally missing teeth, have advanced periodontal disease, have a high decay rate or have experienced facial and dental trauma. Dr. Ness and his staff facilitate numerous levels of treatment, which may involve a single tooth restoration to an implant supported full mouth reconstruction. He is a skilled architect who can visualize the outcome of treatment to restore optimum function and appearance to a person's smile. In this role of architect, Dr. Ness coordinates treatment with general dentists and other specialists as well as supervises technical support to implement optimal treatment for his patients.

In addition, Dr. Ness has created, developed, and implemented a variety of lectures, presentations, mentor series, and study clubs throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, California, Alaska and Canada. He has attended and spoken at national and international symposiums at the request of various professional organizations and implant companies. Dr. Ness has participated in studies and evaluations of new implant products. He is a published author and maintains successful comprehensive dental practices in both Spokane and Silverdale, Washington. Dr. Ness is dedicated to the highest standards of professional care. Dr. Ness can be reached at frontoffice@earlness.net.

823 W 7th Ave, Suite 202, Spokane, WA 99204-2850